fc-slot-Hot Pot Party


  • Game Type: Slot Game
  • Rtp: 96.45%
  • Game Volatility:Medium High
  • Maximum Prize Multiplier: 50000X
  • Release Date: 2020
  • Game Features: You may enter the next level after getting 15 clearance symbols. When the free game symbol appears in the game, you can trigger a free game and get 1-5X score multiplier randomly.

How to Play Hot Pot Party Slot Game

Join our Hot Pot Party this winter and indulge in the warmth of a delicious hot pot while triggering free game rounds when the symbol appears in the game!

Hot Pot Party Level Matching Rules Description

Scores can be won when identical ingredients are matched vertically or horizontally in a row. After food ingredients are cleared, the resulting empty tiles will be filled by ingredients falling from above. The game session ends until there are no more ingredients that can be cleared.

Hot Pot Party-Rules Description

If the game result cannot be determined due to any failure, the game will be stopped and the current level progress will not be saved.

Hot Pot Party Matching Instructions

If food ingredients, which are randomly distributed in the area corresponding to a level, satisfies any matching rule of the game, they are cleared and the corresponding score can be obtained, and the game automatically refills food ingredients in the resulting empty tiles, until there are no more ingredients that satisfy the matching rules of the game.

If there is a clearance symbol in a match, it will be cleared first. After clearance, the game fills the 4×4 (5×5 or 6×6) area with food ingredients.

  • The game doesn’t start to count matches until there is no clearance symbol on the screen.
  • The game will enter the next level when 15 clearance symbols are cleared cumulatively in a level.
  • The game returns to Level 1 after clearance symbols are cleared cumulatively in Level 3.
Hot Pot Party-rule-1
Hot Pot Party-rule-2
Hot Pot Party-rule-3

Hot Pot Party Free Game

When a free game symbol appears on the game board, you can get 10 free games and randomly get a 1-5 score multiplier. The system starts automatically if it is disconnected or no operation has been made over 10 seconds when it is in auto status.

hot-pot-party-free game rules-1
hot-pot-party-free game rules-2

Hot Pot Party Clearance symbol

  • Eliminate 15 clearance symbols in a level to enter the next level.
  • The remaining symbols of the level can be carried over to the next level, but will not be kept after the end of Level 3.
  • Points won=Bet x Payout / 10

If a player leaves in the middle of any game session, it is deemed that the player voluntarily gives up the current progress of the game. The next time the player enters the game, the level progress returns to its initial state.